So, what is repurposed george? I initially had the idea that repurposed george was my way to express my passions and aspirations. It was really just a name that would emcompass what I cared about most in life, which is the idea of preservation of the environment around me and my way of life as an indigenous person. I want to live a conscience life. I want to move forward in this life knowing that every effort I make is for my land and my people.

repurposed george is my way of life, which is to repurpose and reuse everything. Simply because nothing has ever outlived its life and all the things around us continue to have an impact and life beyond us, whether or not we think they do. Everything we interact with goes back to the earth.

With this idea in mind, I wanted to create meaningful pieces of art, clothing, and everything. I want to create something that resembles our need to repurpose the things we use and to always be aware of what we choose to throw away.

My photography is primarily documentary style. I use photography to capture the life around me and also as a means of preservation. Much of my photography over the last couple years has been of my indigenous identity and my journey. I have activist style photography as well that is often about my desire to take care of the environment around me. I care to capture the waters and land as they are in that moment and know that this is why I want to preserve and protect my land.

I am also a commercial and lifestyle photographer. I love capturing memories of people and their families through photography. Whether its your special day, an autumn gloom walk, new life in the spring, maternity and birth, or professional photos for your band, career, or just want some new updated photos of yourself, I got you.

Out of all these things in my life, I found myself on the end of creativity and environmentalism.