melody & josiah

my friends were in for a visit earlier this year and i wanted to snap some photos of them. i’ve been working on doing this type of photography for the off chance i ever need to do it in the future. i have had some learned moments taking this type of photography for sure. i enjoy it when i get to look back at some of them and get to see my process and progress of editing. i did an edit right after their visit that i didn’t love. now, i got to look at them again and totally dig and am super happy with what came out now.

still learning but i do enjoy the opportunity to do this for friends and family.



as my two close girlfriends and i like to say “the husbands”


we started saying “the husbands” because the 3 of us were a band of women with no husbands or boyfriends for most of the time we had been friends, pre-husbands. then, in 2014/2015, in a matter of 12 months, from the start of tash in august, myself in the spring of the following year, and mel early summer, we were all married to our best friends and man of dreams. it was pretty incredible. so we often call them “the husbands”, to which is also the name of their band (…one day). all of our spouses are musicians at heart and love music deeply, so it will be inevitable.

although we’re missing one other couple in this visit, my husband and i will be heading to the vancouver in a month to see them. so i’ll take some photos of that visit and of my other two beautiful friends tash and clay.

side story, that is really not relevant to this visit or moment in time (pertaining to the photos), in the years that the 3 of us all lived in Calgary, we are now all living in different and far places. my two friends here in the photos now live in Scotland (!!!), studying abroad, and my coastal friends have been in vancouver for a few years now studying and following their dreams. as for myself and keegan, we are in saskatoon (still!). which is totally fine because we are loving our little flat and continually working on projects, and me, finishing up my last year of my degree.

as for these two, i love them dearly, and miss them always.

hope you guys enjoy 🙂



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