Dipper Lake- phone and canon edits

I’m back from the bush and got many photos to share! I went up north for the week. It has been a while since I’ve been up north so I was very excited to get back and take some photos. I was more excited about just getting back there though. I miss my land and my home that seems so far from me. This makes me sad. So I’m trying more to make myself go up north when I can.

I brought my old Canon G10 that I had gave to my parents to use since I had got myself a proper DSLR a few years back. I got my G10 back in 2008, I think… It was the best for the time I had it. Getting the DSLR was huge for me though. So I had left the G10 and didn’t get to use it again. But, on this trip, I wanted to use it because.. it’s not always easy to lug around the DSLR and there’s always the threat of your good stuff getting wrecked in the bush. I rediscovered what the G10 can do though! This was excited. It shoots RAW?! haha It has a macro setting?! COOOOOL. So here are a few edits that I came from the Canon G10. Not long after the last photo the G10 died.. forever. Rest in pease G10.

When Im taking photos up north I always find myself taking photos of the landscape. Those little plants that I grew up staring at but never knew the name. I love those.

As the G10 died, I had my phone to do the other photos that were just the regular trip photos. Here are few edits from the trip while I was on the trip.

















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