Tofino 2016 Film and DSLR

I’ve been sitting on a few hundred files of unedited images for the last year and half. It’s been nice going back to look through all of it and seeing what I’ve shot over the last year and bit. Maybe that’s the way to do it… because I’ve been so motivated to edit and go through my archives.

I’ve been going through some of my film as well and printing the some odd 30 rolls I’ve shot over the last year as well. That has been fun to finally go through and get into the dark room to print. I will post up the film from this trip as well later.

These are digital photos. Some from our DSLR and the iPhone, of course. Because of the mass of editing I have to do, I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for my edits on the computer. On the phone editing, which some of the colour images are, are from Adobe Lighroom and my personal favourite Afterlight.

Here are some shots from an almost annual West Coast trip that my husband and I do.









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