Behind the Scenes with Sweetmoon

Behind the Scenes-

My work with Sweetmoon has been some of my favourite work. Because of her fabulous company and because I always learn a shit ton of stuff. It’s been huge for me to build my confidence in my own artistic abilities and photographic personality. I totally adore her and have known her 27 years, my entire life. Yes, we’re cousins. Tenille and I grew up in Beauval, Saskatchewan basically across the road from each other for 13 years of my life. Now we both live in Saskatoon doing our studies and all the things that matter in life.

Last year she asked me to help her out on a shoot she was coming up with for fun. I was totally down of course and when the day came I packed up the content of my apartment, which would be the set design for the shoot, and drove out to the farm with her. After some hair and make up stops along the way, we got to our set and we put it together. With set contents from thrift shops, personal regalia from our elders and family, jewelry from some amazing indigenous women, and dried flowers, we made some magic. You can see her images here. It was hella fun and it was fun to take some behind the scenes shots of the ever so talented and warrior Sweetmoon.

Here are few behind the scenes shots I took from the creative shoot that Sweetmoon did. Sweetmoon images published on Tea&Bannock, an indigenous women photographer’s collaborative blog.











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