wedding photography



I have been meaning to do some of my own editing for a while. I haven’t edited these yet because of the loss of my sister and brother shortly after their first anniversary. It has taken me almost a year to look closely at their photos. I’ve had guilt because of not finishing it for them to see them.

I found today approaching quickly and knowing I had many photos from their wedding sitting on my hard drive unedited. So today came, I opened up the files, and had my time alone looking through everything. Remembering the day and them very closely. All of the moments. It’s important to tell stories and remember them often but it’s not always easy.

However, as pained as I am of the loss of my sister, looking at these photos make me happy. I know our family will have these photographs forever.

I don’t do wedding photography. It’s difficult and quite intimidating because of its importance. I care to get better in my photography though and I want to grow. I want to be able to walk into any situation and be able to direct and capture the moments I see.

These are some versions I edited pretty heavily but I love black and white, contrasty photographs.


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