day 163: 

As of yesterday, I decided not to post my year of photos on instagram anymore. I’ve been overwhelmed with the task and also the platform of instagram for this project. I never intended on it to be this huge task and being on a social media like that everyday is draining me.

However, I have been wanting to use and have more input to my website here, so I’m using this for my photo a day project.

My photo for day 163:, yesterday, was one of a picture of a picture. These are probably the most unflattering photos as the proportions are off, or there’s this obnoxious glare that you can never get rid of, but I was visiting my aunt who is like another mother to me. Pictures of her daughter and me are all over the place, as her and I have grown up our entire lives together and are the same age and just 5 months apart. Growing up we were paired in the same outfits and lived in each others home. We have been sisters and best friends the entirety of our lives.

I’ve known her my whole life and have had her in it for 26 and half years. Her passing devastated me. I’m always processing the how’s and why’s she is gone now. I’ll never know why she’s gone.

Happily though, I have my family surrounding me and a niece and nephew to look after and tell stories of their mother to.Photos are a way that remind me of everything we have had together. After 26 years of being in each others life it’s hard to remember all the little details, but I know many. As I have said before. Sister bonds are powerful and there are things we know about each other that no one else will ever know. That’s always how it’s going to be.

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